This Is Your Time

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Heaven of Diamonds

This Is Your Time music video

A couple of nights ago while taking my dogs for a walk I took time to look up and admire the Heaven of Diamonds that God has created.  I love to watch the stars and have many fond memories of them. 

I really think the first memory I have of stars is sitting around a campfire at Palisades State Park and hearing my grandfather naming the constellations.  Their names seemed so strange to me:  Cygnus, Ursa Major, the Seven Sisters.  I remember asking Grandpa to show me where they were at.  I'm not sure I was ever able to put them together but the memory remains of a campfire and a starlit sky. 

Next I remember sleeping out on the back lawn and my Dad laying out there pointing out the constellations.  Again, the names of Leo and Draco seemed odd but I was finally able to put them together into a shape with Dad's patient help. 

A couple of summers ago I went to Scout Camp with my son.  He had signed up for the Astronomy Merit Badge.  The clouds didn't cooperate with us the first few nights but finally on the last night we were able to see the stars.  The camp counselors didn't really know their constellations very well (it was only their second week in camp so I give them a pass).  However, upon returning home my son and I worked together to identify the constellations and major stars that he needed to pass off.  It was a fun time and once again rekindled my interest in the stars.

And then, as I mentioned, as I was out walking my dogs I took a This Is My Time moment and despite the cold I stood out and gazed at the heavens.  (I have to admit that my winter constellation knowledge is VERY limited because I don't like standing out in the cold.).  But it was a moment to be lived.

I really look forward to the summer when the nights are warmer and I can sit out, perhaps around a campfire, and watch the stars, find the constellations, ponder on God's majesty, and live the moment perhaps adding another fond memory of a starry sky.


  1. Good to know your finally blogging!! You need to post some pics of the kiddos, I bet they are getting SO big.

  2. Yes, it's taken some time but I'm finally blogging. Maybe a more appropriate name for my blog would be "It's about time". LOL. Anyway, thanks for reading my blog and I'll be sure to post some pics of my kids. Hope you are well.