This Is Your Time

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cold Weather and Hot Showers...moments to be lived!

O.K., I lived a moment today that I want to share.  First, check out this view from my office.  Looks nice and clear and sunny right?  It was.  It was a gorgeous day.  However, it didn't translate to warmth (it was 10 degrees) which I long for.  Anyway, I had some errands to run during my lunch hour so out I went.  Following my errands as I was walking back into the hospital I decided to live the moment.  So I pulled off my hood and turned my face toward the sun and took a deep breath and allowed the cold air to touch my face.  It was a wonderful moment!

Now, onto warmer thoughts.  Yesterday after my workout I was in the shower and loved feeling the water course over me.  I love HOT SHOWERS!  So, I've decided that every hot shower is going to be a moment to live and here are a couple of hot shower, or not so hot shower memories to explain why.  First, I served a mission in the Philippines and only had a hot shower a handful of times while I was there.  They were mostly bucket showers with cold water.  It was a shower for which I was thankful but still not a HOT SHOWER.  This past summer I decided to take a swim in Yellowstone Lake which has a water temp of around 40 degrees.  I remember following the swim that I went over to the showers at Fishing Bridge and had a nice long HOT SHOWER trying to restore my core temperature.  It was an awesome moment.  Did I mention that I love HOT SHOWERS!!!!!


  1. Ah, that view! How wonderful you get to see it everyday! When I worked up there I would always take a moment to look at the mountains and sky! And from the new part of the hospital you can see the temple!

  2. C'mon you liked the old oil can full of cold water out of the trash can poured over you each morning didn't you?